April 2019 | Potentiometer Linearity Study

501-C fine tuned potentiometers aren’t necessarily linear. We’ve looked and studied the effects of non-linear components that many old 501-C detonation meters have. Read our study into potentiometer linearity and its effects on the testing environment. Find out how we are addressing the issue to provide the best refurbishments possible.

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April 2019 | Quartz vs Analog Timing Modules: Which is better?

Analog clocks are based off of the frequency of the power that they are attached to. Quartz timing modules are timed by a vibrating crystal that is not affected by the fluctuations of the power grid. Find out the differences between these two timing methods and how it applies to the engine environment.

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May 2019 | All Damage is not Created Equal

The service center of StanCo Scientific has repaired numerous of engine electronics, some that seemed beyond repairable. Click the link below to see some extreme cases of damage and how our team was able to bring back these pieces of instrumentation back into operation.

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