We offer service contracts for preventative maintenance and calibration of current and obsolete physical property testing instruments. We service distillation, flashpoint, jet fuel analyzers, carbon residue, viscosity, cold properties and many more. Our manufacturing facility supplies parts and consumables for a wide variety of instrumentation.

Service Rate
Labor $175/hr
Travel time $75/hr
Weekend/Holiday $350/hr
Mileage Per IL Rate
Training/Consulting Fee Per Quote

Our Service Center Now Offers:

  • Rebuilding and testing of breakerless ignition modules
  • Test and repair of dual digital cetane modules along with new power supplies in supply
  • Rebuilds of other manufacturers cooling towers including new coolers and pumps
  • New power supplies for 501 C & T in stock
  • Flat rate repair for 501C and T meters rebuilds
  • Refurbishing of temperature controllers for CFR engines
  • Rebuilds for knock meters including new glass and testing for accuracy of meter deflection
  • Rebuilding of Comac boards
  • Testing of D1 pickups at varying temperature

We have experience in refurbishing 501C meters and temperature controllers and convert 501T meters to C at a flat fee cost. Turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks.

Service Cost
501C Knock Meters $2600.00
501T Conversion to C $3000.00
Temperature Controllers $2600.00